Eat all the colours

I have been “man down” because of what I can only call Demon Flu. I’m baaaaack!

I am not a food stylist but I do believe that we eat with our eyes too. How else would you explain all the times I have been to a bakery and bought what looked like THE MOST AMAZING cupcake on earth. Said cupcake then turns out to be nothing but cardboard covered in sugar.

When I make lunch, I try to make lunch as colourful as possible (not always possible but we try).


Colourful lunch: Roasted pumpkin & broccoli + tomatoes + feta + red/purple cabbage + avo (sprinkled a little cayenne pepper on it)

Seasoning vegetables: I usually add a little harissa paste or paprika to the vegetables, drizzle with olive oil + salt & pepper. Nothing elaborate and time consuming.

Red cabbage always makes salads look much better. What do you add to your lunch to make it look better?

Time saving tip 1: Chop the vegetables the night before.

Time saving tip 2: Roast veggies while you’re in the shower. Do it as soon as you wake up to give vegetables to cool down (to avoid soggy lunch. Yuck)


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