Spicy Tuna Mayo

Disclaimer: I use canned tuna. If this is any way gross then you should stop reading because I am not a food snob.

Not bad for tuna from a can ;)

Not bad for tuna from a can 😉

Spicy Tuna Mayo Lunch: *Tuna + chopped red onion & cucumber + peri peri (use as much or as little as you can stand) + mayonnaise + (double cream) plain yoghurt.

Why add yoghurt? It makes it creamy and I don’t use as much mayonnaise.

Double cream though? Ha ha ha. Low Fat plain yoghurt tends to get “runny”. I want a creamy consistency. Double Cream is good for that.

*I used shredded Tuna but that is a personal choice.

This is my favourite tuna lunch. What is your favourite tuna combination?


2 thoughts on “Spicy Tuna Mayo

  1. Telana says:

    Didn’t realize you add yogurt! So going to give it a try – it sort of adds some spunk to your regular tuna mayo! 🙂


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