From a Can Lunch

I don’t think it’s necessary to keep saying that this is snob free blog but… So let’s get on with it shall we? I have another lunch recipe that uses something “from a can”


With and without avo.

You’re gonna need: a can of chickpeas, shredded purple/red cabbage, avocado, harrisa paste/chopped garlic, olive oil (drizzle. Don’t pour half a litre), chopped cucumber, spinach/lettuce and a big bowl.

Big bowl? Yep. Put all ingredients (except spinach & avo) in bowl and mix. Add a little bit of salt & pepper. And you’re done.

Done? Well Put the spinach at the bottom of your lunch box. Add chickpea mix from bowl and add avo last (or not).

What next? Eat it. All of it because OMG. So yummy. So damn delish!

Tip: Squeeze a little lemon juice over your avo otherwise it will look a little sad when you open your lunch box at work/school


Look at that yummy mess!

Confession: I only started eating chickpeas when I was 19 *gasps in snob* he he he. I don’t know why Ma deprived me of such goodness for so long.


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