What about snacks?

You’ve looked at all the posts on the blog. You like what you see but can’t help asking “I’m willing to try your salads and whatnot… What about snacks though?”

Many people leave work really early (to avoid traffic or because they live far away from the office/workplace). I get that. You can have a big breakfast & healthy lunch and still feel peckish. Instead of getting *chips or sweets, try these snacks:


  • Fruit: You can never go wrong with fruit. Seriously. Go to Fruit & Veg City and get a sack of Oranges. Take one to work every day. If you live by yourself. Share the cost with a friend and split it. Any type of fruit will do.
  • Avocado: If you’re one for those people that eats rice/corn cakes, this one is perfect for you. Have your rice/corn cakes with avo. You can also have it with toast (yum!) Add a slice of tomato and you have a winner.
  • Grapefruit (yes I know it is a fruit): A great snack as well. But please… Please don’t sprinkle sugar on your grapefruit. It’s 2015, lets’ try to be better people lol.


  • Seeds: They don’t cost as much as nuts. You can have Sunflower Seeds with yoghurt. Get a pack of those little yoghurts and take one to work. Put seeds in it and have when you’re feeling peckish.
  • Popcorn: Don’t waste your time with the judgement. I LOVE popcorn and it is an awesome snack. Try it.

I wait for my bananas to be spotty. I prefer them that way 🙂


Team No Sugar/Banting: Biltong is a great (but expensive) snack.

*There is nothing wrong with chips or sweets, they are treats. Just don’t treat yourself every day 😉 


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