Today is the Date

Dates. I love them. They’re so sweet and yummy. I am dedicating this week’s post to the yum delishness that is Dates.

Lunch Fairy Does Breakfast: Dates

Many month’s ago I found out about Loni Jane’s rawnola. She posted it and I was curious because it had dates in it and I had never had dates (sshhhh, over there in the back with your judgement).


The original recipe includes coconut sugar & shredded dried coconut. As you know, I am all about making things cheaper. Cheap is not a dirty word here (#NotAFoodSnob). To keep this rawnola fairly affordable, use oats and dates only.

Making rawnola: Put dates (take pits out BEFORE. Please don’t forget that) and a little bit of oats in a blender and pulse.  The oats keeps it from being a sticky lump.

Extra: You can add almonds if you want to add a little crunch. Not necessary though.


We’ve made this sweet Rawnola. Now what?

Breakfast Option 1: Make oats & sprinkle rawnola on top (instead of sugar). I usually stir in a spoonful of peanut butter before I sprinkle rawnola on top. It will keep you full for so long AND it is tasty as *censored*.

Breakfast Option 2: Plain Yoghurt + nuts/seeds + rawnola. You can put some of that bran fibre stuff in it as well. So damn yummy! Enjoy the Rawnola! Unless you don’t like dates coz… Ja. Askies.

Sidebar: I’ve been singing Today is the Date all morning. See what I did there?


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