Raw in Winter

I try to eat raw food every day. Whether it is carrots (as a snack) or sushi (ha ha ha). In Summer it is much easier to eat raw food (and my greens) because I can just gooi together a salad. But it is Winter and all I want, for lunch, is yummy sandwiches, roast veggies, soup, pasta (will post some soon) etc. Green Smoothies are great for situations like this.

You get all your (raw) greens in a yummy smoothie and you don’t have to have a salad for lunch. Everybody wins. If you’ve never made a green smoothie and think they’re gross… I’m confused… How would you know? I try to use a maximum of 4 ingredients when making smoothies. Keep things simple.

Main Ingredient: Pineapple (you wanna cut it up and *freeze it)

*Ziploc bags and tupperware = good for freezing fruit. 1434621491402 Ingredients: Avo (trust me) + lemon + Kale (it’s okay to replace with baby spinach, if you don’t find any) + little bit of water.

1434622044340 Making the smoothie: Blend Avo and Kale until you have a creamy green mess. Then add frozen bits of pineaple and about a quarter of a lemon (without skin obvs). Add water to make it easier to blend and drink.

Is this lunch or a snack? Ha ha ha ha. This is definitely a snack. You can have it any time. Take half to work and leave the rest in the fridge for the next day. It is so yummy that I’ve never actually had it over 2 days 🙂

You can add a bit of parsley if you have some lying around. It is not necessary though.


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