Lazy Day Lunch tips

My friends often tell me “I never know what to make” or “making my own lunch sucks. I am too lazy.” I get it.. I have days where I just wanna keep it simple.

Lunch Fairy presents: The Colourful Quartet


When grocery shopping make sure you always add kale, cucumber, tomatoes and red/purple cabbage (get one of those small ones) to your shopping cart. These 4 vegetables will come to your rescue when you’ve given up hope. *cue super hero music*

Great. But what kind of lunch is that? Once you’ve chopped this colourful (life saving) quartet add any protein you like (roast beef, chicken, bacon & feta, left over grilled fish etc etc.) and salad dressing.

Wow. Thanks, Lunch Fairy & the colourful quartet! *clapping*. Wait… There’s more!


So… You don’t have roast beef (slices nogal!), chicken or left over fish AND there was no kale at your local supermarket… Now you feel like I sold you a lie.

Worry not. Spinach works just as well as Kale. Try adding olives and feta to turn your Lazy Day lunch into a “green” salad. Add your favourite salad dressing and enjoy your Lazy Day lunch 🙂


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