Too Much Chicken Sandwich

Imagine coming home after a long day. You’ve planned to make grilled veggies & fish for supper. Take off your pants & shoes, pour yourself a glass of wine and then DARKNESS! Eskom has decided that your time has come. Yep. Those lames decided to hit me with load shedding just as I was “firing up” the oven. Eskom never loved us 😦

Luckily the Woolies in my hood has a generator. Unfortunately all the hippies in my hood are quicker at putting their pants & shoes on. All that was left, when I got to Woolies, was one rotisserie chicken.

The chicken was lovely but it was a lot (for 2 people). What was I going to do with the leftover “too much chicken” Make a sandwich using all the other “spares” in the fridge (oviaas). I really do mean it when I say leftovers/spares. I made this sandwich before we went grocery shopping. Fridge was 5-to-bare.


The Spares

The Spares


Red Onion


Mayonnaise (not pictured)

What to do with The Spares?

Chop Garlic & mix with mayonnaise

Slice Jalapenos

Slice Red Onions

Shred/Slice chicken (you can season it if you want)

Get bread or, in my case, a bun.

What bun?

This bun (also a leftover from a pack of 6)

This bun (also a leftover from a pack of 6)

Fill the bun/bread with Too Much (leftover) Chicken + Spares. Enjoy!


In case you are wondering why my garlic mayonnaise looks red, I mixed in a bit of pesto (there was a bit left in the jar). Waste not!

Easy Lunch neh?

*If you don’t have Jalapenos, you can add chilli flakes/chilli to the garlic mayonnaise. 


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