Meal Prep?

I am back! Demon flu had me laying in bed and regretting my decision to work with kids. Children are lovely but working with them is hazardous (ha ha ha)

Back to Lunch Fairy gwans: Let’s talk meal prep. I don’t know about you but I have to plan my meals (especially lunch). Guesswork leads to poor choices or boredom. I do all my grocery shopping on Sunday (with a “menu” in mind)

Shopping list Example:

  • Tuna cans x 3
  • Spinach/kale
  • Tomatoes
  • Green pepper
  • Red Onion
  • Cucumber
  • Pack of bananas (or you can choose how many to buy)
  • Small (cheap) pack of pasta
  • Small purple cabbage

What can we make from this list?

There are 2 tuna options:

Not bad for tuna from a can ;)

Not bad for tuna from a can 😉

Spicy Tuna Mayo Recipe 


Tuna Pasta Recipe

You can have those on 2 separate days… Or 3 if you’re feeling the tuna that much. The other days you can me your own version of lazy day lunch. I blogged a few lazy day tips here.


Bananas for what?

As a snack or to make yourself a green smoothie (recipe for banana green smoothie).


I know some of this stuff seems a “little too green” or maybe even complicated. Just try it and make it your own. Add a little bit of your favourite salad dressing to your lazy day lunch, make only one green smoothie… Just try it 🙂

Maybe I will do more meal prep posts on Mondays. Let me know if you like it.


2 thoughts on “Meal Prep?

  1. homiematrimony says:

    Thanks for this. I feel I have been in denial about how meal prep has changed since having 2 small babies. I used to just freestyle meals for myself and my partner. Now I have to really think and budget. This is a great example and I will apply it with my own remixes. Thanks xx


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