Sunday Salad (chickpea greek salad)

I know it’s not Sunday, I was supposed to post this on Sunday but.. my life is a mess blah blah. This Chickpea Greek salad  was tested on my friends and it was a hit. Imagine if it wasn’t? aaaah-kward!


Greek salad doesn’t really any leafy greens. I attempted to sneak Kale into this one but was told “not be extra all the damn time.” He he he.


  • Red Onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Feta
  • Olives
  • Chickpeas (from a can coz you know how I roll)
  • lemon


What now?

  • *side eye* This one is easy, slice what needs to be sliced and mix all ingredients.
  • Add a little bit of lemon juice, just before you serve
  • You can add a little bit of black pepper if you like the kind of thing (I do)

This salad debuted at a “drinking too much” dinner, on Saturday, and they loved it but Sunday was the real test. I was invited to a braai and it was full of married-with-kids types. I was nervous that they wouldn’t like it but it was a HIT!


Your drunk friends will like this salad as much as your (suburbia) disturbia ones as well ha ha ha.

Let me know how yours turns out 🙂


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