Lazy Breakfast Smoothie

Hello. Happy New Year. I took a, much needed, break from the blahg (he he). I’m back! Let’s pretend I never left, shall we?

fairy 1.jpg

It is Summer and that means sometimes it is too hot to make warm meals (for lunch and breakfast). Summer also means lots of DELICIOUS FRUIT!! I could easily become a Fruitarian (that’s a real thing) in Summer but… nah.

Instead of making oats or frying eggs (for breakfast), make smoothies. It is quick, easy and delicious.

Mango (Breakfast) Smoothie

fairy 4


  • oats
  • mango
  • banana (preferably *frozen)
  • plain yoghurt

fairy 3

What do I do with the ingredients?

  • Soak oats in water. I do this to make the smoothie smoother (not necessary if you have a good blender. I don’t ha ha ha)
  • Chuck everything in the blender and blend.
  • You may need to add a little bit of water if it’s too “thick”.
  • Taste heaven 🙂

fairy 2

Don’t waste the season of yummy fruit. Try it and let me know what you think. You can also have it for lunch (if you want).

*I freeze the banana to make the smoothie cold. And bananas go off so quickly. Always better to freeze them for smoothies, if you’ve bought too many.



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