Hello. I am The Lunch Fairy.

I live in Cape Town. I am a singer songwriter, writer and radio presenter.

I'm also a lover of wine :)

I’m also a lover of wine šŸ™‚

I love making (healthy) packed lunch for me and my best friend. This is not a blog for food snobs. I am going to share pics and recipes of my lunch creations. There will be no preaching about how bad meat, carbs or canned chickpeas are.

Why Lunch?
I used to have a packet of chips/crisps, a sandwich and coffee for lunch. Often followed by a chocolate snack. This was when I was in my early twenties. Lunch was definitely my WORST meal. In turn I got headaches, stomach cramps and all sort of uncomfortable things. So I decided to start with lunch.

Initially it was a disaster because I had never packed myself a ‘healthy lunch’. Am I pro now? Nope. But I am MUCH better. Most people struggle with packing a healthy lunch because maybe they don’t know where to start or they don’t know where to get a mason jar (why are you putting your lunch in a jar, bud?). Maybe getting lunch (no matter how unhealthy) at your workplace cafe/canteen seems like an easier option.

Packing healthier lunch needn’t be expensive or time consuming. Hopefully I will help or inspire you to pack at least one healthy lunch a week. I am looking forward to learning from you too. I know food is expensive so I will post some inexpensive alternatives too.

So… Let’s do this.


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