Too Much Chicken Sandwich

Imagine coming home after a long day. You’ve planned to make grilled veggies & fish for supper. Take off your pants & shoes, pour yourself a glass of wine and then DARKNESS! Eskom has decided that your time has come. Yep. Those lames decided to hit me with load shedding just as I was “firing up” the oven. Eskom never loved us 😦

Luckily the Woolies in my hood has a generator. Unfortunately all the hippies in my hood are quicker at putting their pants & shoes on. All that was left, when I got to Woolies, was one rotisserie chicken.

The chicken was lovely but it was a lot (for 2 people). What was I going to do with the leftover “too much chicken” Make a sandwich using all the other “spares” in the fridge (oviaas). I really do mean it when I say leftovers/spares. I made this sandwich before we went grocery shopping. Fridge was 5-to-bare.


The Spares

The Spares


Red Onion


Mayonnaise (not pictured)

What to do with The Spares?

Chop Garlic & mix with mayonnaise

Slice Jalapenos

Slice Red Onions

Shred/Slice chicken (you can season it if you want)

Get bread or, in my case, a bun.

What bun?

This bun (also a leftover from a pack of 6)

This bun (also a leftover from a pack of 6)

Fill the bun/bread with Too Much (leftover) Chicken + Spares. Enjoy!


In case you are wondering why my garlic mayonnaise looks red, I mixed in a bit of pesto (there was a bit left in the jar). Waste not!

Easy Lunch neh?

*If you don’t have Jalapenos, you can add chilli flakes/chilli to the garlic mayonnaise. 


The Pasta Song

Before I get to Lunch Fairy things… Did you know that Sesame Street has a Pasta Song? Yes. It exists. My favourite part of the song is “if you try to slurp it, you’ll get sauce all over the place.” I am easily amused, as you can tell. Listen to the song here.

Back to Lunch Fairy gwans.


Lunch + snacks

Today’s lunch recipe is all kinds of easy.


  • pasta
  • tuna (from a can obvs)
  • kale/spinach (lettuce will not work for this recipe)
  • red onion (chopped)
  • green pepper (chopped)
  • mayonnaise
  • salt
  • pepper
  • tomatoes
  • Basil (nice but not necessary)

What next?

  • Cook pasta (let it cool)
  • Once pasta is cool, put in a bowl and mix with all other ingredients.
  • You can add a bit of cayenne pepper if you like that kinda thing

It’s okay if you don’t have/like tomato

If you’re trying to eat less carbs *side eye*… Make less pasta and add more kale & tomatoes.


“Pasta! Pasta! It’s very good for you!” – Sesame Street Pasta Song 🙂

Lazy Day Lunch tips

My friends often tell me “I never know what to make” or “making my own lunch sucks. I am too lazy.” I get it.. I have days where I just wanna keep it simple.

Lunch Fairy presents: The Colourful Quartet


When grocery shopping make sure you always add kale, cucumber, tomatoes and red/purple cabbage (get one of those small ones) to your shopping cart. These 4 vegetables will come to your rescue when you’ve given up hope. *cue super hero music*

Great. But what kind of lunch is that? Once you’ve chopped this colourful (life saving) quartet add any protein you like (roast beef, chicken, bacon & feta, left over grilled fish etc etc.) and salad dressing.

Wow. Thanks, Lunch Fairy & the colourful quartet! *clapping*. Wait… There’s more!


So… You don’t have roast beef (slices nogal!), chicken or left over fish AND there was no kale at your local supermarket… Now you feel like I sold you a lie.

Worry not. Spinach works just as well as Kale. Try adding olives and feta to turn your Lazy Day lunch into a “green” salad. Add your favourite salad dressing and enjoy your Lazy Day lunch 🙂

Raw in Winter

I try to eat raw food every day. Whether it is carrots (as a snack) or sushi (ha ha ha). In Summer it is much easier to eat raw food (and my greens) because I can just gooi together a salad. But it is Winter and all I want, for lunch, is yummy sandwiches, roast veggies, soup, pasta (will post some soon) etc. Green Smoothies are great for situations like this.

You get all your (raw) greens in a yummy smoothie and you don’t have to have a salad for lunch. Everybody wins. If you’ve never made a green smoothie and think they’re gross… I’m confused… How would you know? I try to use a maximum of 4 ingredients when making smoothies. Keep things simple.

Main Ingredient: Pineapple (you wanna cut it up and *freeze it)

*Ziploc bags and tupperware = good for freezing fruit. 1434621491402 Ingredients: Avo (trust me) + lemon + Kale (it’s okay to replace with baby spinach, if you don’t find any) + little bit of water.

1434622044340 Making the smoothie: Blend Avo and Kale until you have a creamy green mess. Then add frozen bits of pineaple and about a quarter of a lemon (without skin obvs). Add water to make it easier to blend and drink.

Is this lunch or a snack? Ha ha ha ha. This is definitely a snack. You can have it any time. Take half to work and leave the rest in the fridge for the next day. It is so yummy that I’ve never actually had it over 2 days 🙂

You can add a bit of parsley if you have some lying around. It is not necessary though.

Today is the Date

Dates. I love them. They’re so sweet and yummy. I am dedicating this week’s post to the yum delishness that is Dates.

Lunch Fairy Does Breakfast: Dates

Many month’s ago I found out about Loni Jane’s rawnola. She posted it and I was curious because it had dates in it and I had never had dates (sshhhh, over there in the back with your judgement).


The original recipe includes coconut sugar & shredded dried coconut. As you know, I am all about making things cheaper. Cheap is not a dirty word here (#NotAFoodSnob). To keep this rawnola fairly affordable, use oats and dates only.

Making rawnola: Put dates (take pits out BEFORE. Please don’t forget that) and a little bit of oats in a blender and pulse.  The oats keeps it from being a sticky lump.

Extra: You can add almonds if you want to add a little crunch. Not necessary though.


We’ve made this sweet Rawnola. Now what?

Breakfast Option 1: Make oats & sprinkle rawnola on top (instead of sugar). I usually stir in a spoonful of peanut butter before I sprinkle rawnola on top. It will keep you full for so long AND it is tasty as *censored*.

Breakfast Option 2: Plain Yoghurt + nuts/seeds + rawnola. You can put some of that bran fibre stuff in it as well. So damn yummy! Enjoy the Rawnola! Unless you don’t like dates coz… Ja. Askies.

Sidebar: I’ve been singing Today is the Date all morning. See what I did there?

What about snacks?

You’ve looked at all the posts on the blog. You like what you see but can’t help asking “I’m willing to try your salads and whatnot… What about snacks though?”

Many people leave work really early (to avoid traffic or because they live far away from the office/workplace). I get that. You can have a big breakfast & healthy lunch and still feel peckish. Instead of getting *chips or sweets, try these snacks:


  • Fruit: You can never go wrong with fruit. Seriously. Go to Fruit & Veg City and get a sack of Oranges. Take one to work every day. If you live by yourself. Share the cost with a friend and split it. Any type of fruit will do.
  • Avocado: If you’re one for those people that eats rice/corn cakes, this one is perfect for you. Have your rice/corn cakes with avo. You can also have it with toast (yum!) Add a slice of tomato and you have a winner.
  • Grapefruit (yes I know it is a fruit): A great snack as well. But please… Please don’t sprinkle sugar on your grapefruit. It’s 2015, lets’ try to be better people lol.


  • Seeds: They don’t cost as much as nuts. You can have Sunflower Seeds with yoghurt. Get a pack of those little yoghurts and take one to work. Put seeds in it and have when you’re feeling peckish.
  • Popcorn: Don’t waste your time with the judgement. I LOVE popcorn and it is an awesome snack. Try it.

I wait for my bananas to be spotty. I prefer them that way 🙂


Team No Sugar/Banting: Biltong is a great (but expensive) snack.

*There is nothing wrong with chips or sweets, they are treats. Just don’t treat yourself every day 😉 

Do you hate drinking water?

I once worked with a woman who told me that she hated water & hardly ever had any. At first I thought she was joking but she wasn’t. The only times I ever saw her drink water was when she had a headache tablet. Tried to tell her the headaches were probably because she didn’t drink a lot of water. She told me I’m not a doctor (much to my father’s disappointment) and told me (again) that she hates water.

Do you hate water? Please don’t. It is good for you. I never paid attention in Biology class but I remember Ms Teddar (Biology teacher) saying “water makes up more than half of your body weight” or something like that. Sounds pretty important.

If you’re trying to drink more water but you’re so used to drinking fruit juice or flavoured water, worry not. The hipsters and wellness types call it “infused water”. I refuse to call it that. Feel free to suggest a less smarmy name.


  • Cucumber and Mint in water is BOMB!! Fire. Flames nje. I’m actually drinking cucumber and mint water right now. Try it.
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon (just don’t drink too much lemon water coz the experts are saying lemon may erode tooth enamel and cause heartburn)


Ways to drink more water:

  • Drink a cup/glass of water as soon as you wake up.
  • Another before you leave the house
  • Get a water bottle and keep it at your desk
  • Set an reminder on your phone (for every 2 hours) to drink water
  • Drink water after every meal
  • Have a glass/cup of water as soon as you get home.
  • DON’T DRINK WATER before bed unless you enjoy waking up in the middle of the night like the parent of a newborn. Seriously. Don’t do it 🙂

Make your mom proud & rinse the fruit/vegetable before you put it in your water. You can even remove the skin/rind if you want.

From a Can Lunch

I don’t think it’s necessary to keep saying that this is snob free blog but… So let’s get on with it shall we? I have another lunch recipe that uses something “from a can”


With and without avo.

You’re gonna need: a can of chickpeas, shredded purple/red cabbage, avocado, harrisa paste/chopped garlic, olive oil (drizzle. Don’t pour half a litre), chopped cucumber, spinach/lettuce and a big bowl.

Big bowl? Yep. Put all ingredients (except spinach & avo) in bowl and mix. Add a little bit of salt & pepper. And you’re done.

Done? Well Put the spinach at the bottom of your lunch box. Add chickpea mix from bowl and add avo last (or not).

What next? Eat it. All of it because OMG. So yummy. So damn delish!

Tip: Squeeze a little lemon juice over your avo otherwise it will look a little sad when you open your lunch box at work/school


Look at that yummy mess!

Confession: I only started eating chickpeas when I was 19 *gasps in snob* he he he. I don’t know why Ma deprived me of such goodness for so long.

Spicy Tuna Mayo

Disclaimer: I use canned tuna. If this is any way gross then you should stop reading because I am not a food snob.

Not bad for tuna from a can ;)

Not bad for tuna from a can 😉

Spicy Tuna Mayo Lunch: *Tuna + chopped red onion & cucumber + peri peri (use as much or as little as you can stand) + mayonnaise + (double cream) plain yoghurt.

Why add yoghurt? It makes it creamy and I don’t use as much mayonnaise.

Double cream though? Ha ha ha. Low Fat plain yoghurt tends to get “runny”. I want a creamy consistency. Double Cream is good for that.

*I used shredded Tuna but that is a personal choice.

This is my favourite tuna lunch. What is your favourite tuna combination?

Eat all the colours

I have been “man down” because of what I can only call Demon Flu. I’m baaaaack!

I am not a food stylist but I do believe that we eat with our eyes too. How else would you explain all the times I have been to a bakery and bought what looked like THE MOST AMAZING cupcake on earth. Said cupcake then turns out to be nothing but cardboard covered in sugar.

When I make lunch, I try to make lunch as colourful as possible (not always possible but we try).


Colourful lunch: Roasted pumpkin & broccoli + tomatoes + feta + red/purple cabbage + avo (sprinkled a little cayenne pepper on it)

Seasoning vegetables: I usually add a little harissa paste or paprika to the vegetables, drizzle with olive oil + salt & pepper. Nothing elaborate and time consuming.

Red cabbage always makes salads look much better. What do you add to your lunch to make it look better?

Time saving tip 1: Chop the vegetables the night before.

Time saving tip 2: Roast veggies while you’re in the shower. Do it as soon as you wake up to give vegetables to cool down (to avoid soggy lunch. Yuck)